Collaboration Platform


Focusing on a long-term cooperation with customers, we provide diversified modes of cooperation from pure technological services to co-construction of platform.

Research focus


With our collaborators, ABLife has conducted reasearch projects using deep sequencing technology in diverse fields including biology, medical science, agriculture, forestry and ecology. Along with these projects,we have constructed a powerful technology platform for studies in Functional Genomics, Epigenomics and Microbial Functional Genomics.

Core Techniques


Our developed next-generation sequencing techniques are focused on RNA, RNA-protein interaction, DNA-protein interaction, DNA-RNA-protein interact as well as Pathogen-HOST interaction.

RBP Products


ABLife is creating a brand-new line of products for studies on RBP functions and mechanisms, including a comprehensive data set of RBP-regulated transcriptome and cellular responses. With our RBP products, we hope to establish a new collaboration model that connects bioinformatics analysis and lab work, and provide new opportunities to facilitate and accelerate your research.